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It is important to get the pillars and base prepared to the highest standards in order to place the boards on top. Here, the decking has been calculated to meet the door height perfectly and creates a lovely outdoor area to the garden building.

We install both timber and composite decking in any size and shape you require. We ensure care is taken with both timber and composite installations, so that expansion/contraction and air flow requirements are met. This is especially important in meeting the needs of composite manufacturers in order to satisfy their warranty requirements.

We lay astroturf to industry standards, making sure the correct base is constructed and that any specific drainage needs are met.

Here are some photos of the work we have carried out:

Preparation is everything when it comes to creating the perfect decking. Here, composite decking boards were laid onto a timber frame to the manufacturers specification, in order to achieve their 15 year warranty.

Black astroturf for a golf course which had to be laid perfectly flat for a ball to roll across. The blue astro turf was laid for a toddler play area and created a trip-free and safe environment.